If we die, we die cool
Soul Eater, 15 years old and the coolest scythe at the DWMA. My master is Maka Albarn, she's a bookworm and will make me the coolest death scythe ever!
Your soul is mine !
Anonymous sent:

Oh wow. So this is the blog of "the coolest guy" huh? I know ice that's cooler, man. Oh, btw my name's Toshi. Nice to see you while you still have your self-confidence together. And btw, Maka's mine.

Haha hey Toshi, you don’t think I’m cool? Like I give a fuck. I don’t even know who you are… And, Maka never told me a single thing about you tho

Anonymous sent:

What would you do if you caught Maka kissing a guy that wasn't you

I would ask her who is it.

Anonymous sent:

Soul what do younthink of maka , do you like her. I ship SoMa

Maka is just my friend, maybe just a little bit more than that but now… we’re just friends.

I’m back ladies (;

Anonymous sent:

Let's eat pasta! Ahaha!

sure hehehe

Anonymous sent:

Prisklie fall in love with Soul! AHAHA!

//I still ship SoMa heheh

sheesh mun. Just open your mouth to eat chicken fries.


Anonymous sent:

maka or blair?

"Umm.. Maka"

Anonymous sent:

Soul! Are you here?

I’m a bit busy now, anon..

Anonymous sent:

Soul, can i buy some chiken legs for you?

Of course

prilskele sent:

"dont let me go Soul" she said looking into his eyes then kissed him again even more passionatly

"I’ll never let you go" he said feeling his heartbeat more faster as she kissed him